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Jeremy Davies Daily

A daily dose of Davies

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A community for the talented actor Jeremy Davies.

Jeremy Davies Daily is a community about the very talented actor Jeremy Davies. He is an interesting actor who choses roles that are challenging and creatively stimulating rather than the simplistic, standard Hollywood fare. Besides being a gifted actor who shows great insight in his characterizations, he is also intelligent and interesting and exhibits mental depth and creative thinking in his interviews.

As the community title states, entries will be posted daily. Since there are so many interesting topics to cover, the entries will consist of things such as articles, interviews, movie reviews, news, videos, etc,. That is not to say that there will not be any entries purely for fangirl purposes, as a matter of fact there will be lots of photos too. So if you are a fan you can come to this community to get your daily dose of Davies.

I do have a few rules:

- All members are welcomed to post.

- No insults or flaming of Jeremy Davies or any of the other members.

- No spamming, all posts must be related to Jeremy Davies. You can talk about the show Lost or any of the movies that he has been in. As long as it is Jeremy-related.

- If you post any spoilers from Lost be sure to put it under the LJ cut.

If you have any questions, email me: anise_starr@livejournal.com.

Jeremy Davies has been in many fascinating and stimulating films. If you would like to know more about this interesting and complex actor, visit the links below:

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* I am not affiliated with Jeremy Davies in any way shape or form. This community is composed of his fans and is purely for entertainment purposes.